Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights
When I read this novel, I think Emily Bronte made great effort on this book. In this book, she arranged the style, narrative point of views, plot and chronology very well. To my surprised, the characters in this story are quite different from other stories that I had read. They are so violent, radical and inhuman, their feeling and passions are so real.
The protagonist, Heathcliff, in this novel, is a tough, inhuman man, and it seems that it is filled with revenge in his mind. This attitude can be traced to his childhood. Hindly abused him because Hindly's father loved Heathcliff, and Linton's family looked dawn on him. The worst thing was he heard Catherine said " for her to merry him would be degradation." But he didn't hear what Cathy said latter, " she would be never be separately from Heathcliff." In this novel, Heathcliff was always present in front of Cathy expect when he ran away the Wuthering Heights. I think Heathcliff was very struggle in his mind, he still loved Cathy, but he still wanted to revenge her because he thought Cathy abandoned him.
At first, the act of Cathy was not very well. She was a mischief girl, she was also disliked Heathcliff(split him), but when she stayed in the Grange for five week, there was a great change on her! When she come back, her dresses were formally and her behavior became more mannered. She looked like a lady. It also leaded some questions between Heathcliff and her. But Heathcliff was also her beloved. Cathy also made up her mind to help Heathcliff by marring Linton. In this novel, Cathy lived in two levels, one was her social necessity, and the other was in Heathcliff. Although she wanted to make effort to make peace between Edgar and Heathcliff, but on the contrary, she made it worse. She was a little bit self-centered, she didn't care about whether she hurt Edgar or not; she made Edgar became Heathcliff's and her sacrifice, but in the end, she also hurt herself.


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