The journal of Wuthering Heights

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Catherine's Madness
From chapter evelen to chapter 12,there were two reason to make Catherine get madness.
One was, the conflict between Catherine and Heathcliff.The other was that she thought that
Edgar's listening to Catherine and Heathcliff's conversation.Both Edgar and Heathcliff made Catherine
confused so she would become more excited and even more crazy.
Orignally, Catherine was very happy for Heathcliff's returning,but when she knew that Heathcliff would take
revenge on Her and she got very surprised because she considered that Heathcliff loved her very much and even thought
that Heathcliff would take suffer with her,so she said to Nelly, " Had I expressed the agony I frequently felt,he would
have been taught to long for its allevitation as ardently as I." Then, the conflict happened,because Heathcliff was
very angry about Catherine's marriage.Heathcliff thought that Catherine betrayed him for money and fame so he took
revenge on Catherine and Edagr by marring Isabella and he didn't love her truly. Heathcliff's kissing,this kind of behavior caused Catherine
to ask Heathcliff if he loved Isabella or not.However, Heathcliff said " I'm not your husband, you needn't be jealous of me!" Catherine
answered," I'm jealous for you."From the words, we can know that both of them loved each other but under the ture life, they have to do something
unwilling.From the following setence, we can feel the Heathcliff's hatre and that he would take use of Isabella to revenge on Catherine." Meantime,
thank you for telling me your sister-in-law's secret - I swear I'll make the most of it-and stand your aside."Catherine understood Heathcliff's mind
and how Heathcliff looked the way that Catherine treated him.She knew that the relation between Heathcliff and she has changed.Nelly's words for Catherine'
quiteness nad gloomy." The spirit which served her was growing intractable: she could neither lay nor control it."
Then, Catherine found that Edgar was willing to consider that Catherine was unfaithful to him.Catherine was very mad.Therefore, when Heathcliff and Edgar had
fight , Catherine wished that Heathcliff would kill Edgar,"I wish Heathcliff may flog you sick, for daring to think an evil thought of me!" Catherine started to get
mad when Edgar required her about which one she would choose. The Edagr's words,"I absolutely require to know which you choose." Catherine couldn't bear the situation
any more so she said,"'I require to be alone!'exclaimed Catherine,furiouslly.'I demand it!'Don't you see I can scarcely stand?Edgar, you - you leave me!" From here,
Catherine became a little mad,and she would do anything strange. She would talk to herself,"No,I'll not die-he'd be glad-he dose not love me at all-he would never lose me!"
She stopped eating.Catherine was out of her mind,from Nelly' words,"Tossing about,she increased her feverish bewilderment to madness, and tore the pillow with her teeth;
then,raising herself up all burning," "Her mind had strayed to other associations." After this,Catherine seemed to desire for the past of her living in the Wuthering heights
and she imaged taht she was on her own house ."Oh,dear!I thought I was at home.' I thought that I was lying in my chamber at Wuthering Heights.Because I'm weak, my braiin got
confused, and I screamed unconsciously.""Oh,if I were but in my won bed in the old house!" From the sentence, we know that Catherine felt free and comfortable in her won house.
By the way,the " mirrow " in the chpater was mentioned,it may symbolisd that Catherine couldn't understand herself very well and she felt confused about who she was.Catherine
told Nelly that she saw a face on the black wall.In fact,the face she saw was her reflection from mirror.However, suddenly,Catherine was reviving and her madness ended.
Catherine's madness may make us think that when a person feel heavy pressure, he or she might use different ways to face the truth.Catherine chose the temperating madness to get rid
of the truth.Perhaps,Catherine was the character in the fiction so she would be easy to become madness and have the right to live and think beyond the world, but in our true life, we
can't live like that. We still have to figure out the problems when we meet and try to find the best method to solve them!


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