Different Reactions to Catherine's Death

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Catherine*s death is a very important plot of this book. However, not every person around her had the same reaction to this. Therefore, from the different attitudes they kept toward her death, we could not only see the different positions Catherine had in their minds but also their own personalities. Now I will take Heathcliff and Edgar for example to explain this.
Heathcliff*s reaction toward Catherine* death was very violent and crazy. For example, he stood outside a whole night waiting for Nelly*s news, and when Nelly told him that Catherine was died in peace, he kept cursing Catherine, and even did some actions to hurt himself. Besides, from then on, he dropped into an extremely melancholic mood. He didn*t want to eat, neither to speak. He kept this situation for a very long time. He was just like a living corpse, losing all his earthly passion. Therefore, we could see very clearly that Catherine*s death was great impact for him. He gave me such a feeling that without Catherine, his life was no longer meaningful. He loved her too much to accept the fact that she was gone from this world forever. He couldn*t bear to separate from her a minute, for their lives were linked together. It was really cruel for him to stay alone in this world where no one loved him and was worth loving by him. That was why he cursed Catherine when he knew she was going to die. He thought Catherine was too heartless. Her death made his heart full of sadness but also hatred. He even hope Catherine*s ghost to come to bother him, for he wanted to see her so much. He cursed her not be able to go to heaven, for he couldn*t bear to see her lead a happy life there. After all, his life was so miserable here in this world. I believe that after Catherine*s death, there was only hatred left in his mind. Taking revenge became the only goal of his life and also the only reason for his existence. Besides all these, his own personality was the reason for his violent reaction. He had a very strong feeling of what he loved and hated. If he loved someone, he would love her very much, however, once he hated someone, in his whole life he would hate him. Therefore, he would use a very strong way to express his emotion (It related to the environment he grew up in.).
Compare to Heathcliff, Edgar*s reaction was much softer. The major reason was his personality. He was gentle and graceful. It also related to his growing environment. He grew up in an environment filled with love. His parents must give him very good care. Therefore, his love was warm and tender. The way he expressed his emotion would also be softer and quieter. However, we still could see that he loved Catherine very much, too. He also felt extremely sorrowful and melancholic to her death. From his action of rejecting to contact with outside world we could know it. But, different from heathcliff, all his sorrow and melancholic would get comfort by the love from his own mind and his daughter. His heart was filled with lots of love, and he believed God. It was also different from Heathcliff. Therefore, when he recalled her, he would think of those wonderful time they spent together, and he would think that her lovely and dear wife must be took to heaven, leading a very happy life. He believed God would take care of her, and when he was also dead, they would meet each other in heaven. His sorrowful feeling would turn into an expecting mood as time went by. Besides, because of his daughter, he still kept his earthly passion. The child brought lots of love for him. Therefore, I believe that after Catherine*s death, he still would feel happy sometimes, but Heathcliff never did. For Edgar, losing Catherine was just like losing a very important family. This wound was hard but still having chances to be cured. However, for Heathcliff, Losing Catherine was like losing his own life, and this wound would never be cured.
Anyway, we do be able to see these two people*s personality from their different reaction toward Catherine*s death, and in my opinion, I think that heathcliff*s love toward Catherine was really deeper than Edgar*s. I felt a little sympathetic to Heathcliff.


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