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Kate Liu
Introduction of Western Literature
Heathcliff and Catherine: their characters in the Wuthering Height
Based on chapter 1 to 15, I would like to talk about the developments of these two characters, Catherine and Heathcliff.
Somehow the development of characters in this book seem a kind of too exaggerate and sensational. Take Heathcliff and Catherine for example, they express their emotions in rather extreme way. Heathcliff revenges on the Linton and so thoroughly; however, there is nothing in return makes him feel really good. Catherine, the one who is so innocent to believe all the wounded can be healed in her way, receives her tragic end. Another key character, Nelly, play an important rule of messenger and narrator, I'd like to talk about the function she plays in this book.
The history provides the perfect reason for Heathcliff's behaviors; still the development of this persona is not very convincing. Having a miserable childhood and being abused by Hindley, it is reasonable for Heathcliff to have the pessimistic and dark view toward life. What is worse is he loses Catherine to be his wife so he becomes revengeful to the Linton. Marry to Isabella he does not love and destroys her life are the feedback to the Linton. Although what he has suffered answers his reaction perfectly, but the persona is very much resemble with the one happened in the pulp fiction or soap opera; for he does not behaves like ordinary people in the real world. I think he emotionally over-reacts. He is just like a barbarian who follows the rule" An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ", and this reaction is just not persuasive to me.
The flow of Catherine's character is full of paradox. It seems to be truth that it is inevitable for her to marry to Edgar for Heathcliff, Edgar and mainly her own sake. She is actually a kind of fond of Edgar, but in her speech in 84-85 she says "I am Heathcliff" to express how she is hurt to make such a decision. Inspite of her frailty, it is a lie. And after marrying to Edgar for three years when Heathcliff is back again, she innocently thinks that everything can start all over again and seeks for the chance that Edgar and Heathcliff can stay in peace. When her desire does not fulfill, she cries that nobody appreciate her and break up with Edgar. What causes her sickness is that she wants Edgar to make up with her vulentary. At this scene, her reaction is not very understandable, she acts like a motherless kid that seek for attention, when she fails,she gets even sicker.
Nelly is trying really hard to be the peace maker in this book. She perceives that Catherine's inclination for love so she encourages C to persue it. After C marry to E, she prevent hard the reburn of old flame between C and H. However, she thinks she can be the judge to C' behavior, she punishes C when she is sick in the bed by not being the informant between C and E. Finally Nelly indirectly leads C to dead. I can tell that Nelly is trying very hard to maintain better conditions, but she seems to make a great mistake in dealing this matter which result in C's death.


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