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Kate Liu
Introduction of Western Literature
April 29, 1998
Wuthering Heights--- The Greatest Pulp Fiction
Wuthering Heights is undoubtedly one of the outstanding pulp fictions. Firstly it provides a lot of conflict plots that readers have to cry again and again while reading this novel; second, the author's mercilessly torturing each character with tragic ending again seal the readers' eyes with their own willing over weeping. And what it is that makes this book a great pulp fiction are: the characters and the plots just do not seem to belong to this ordinary world, they are not nature.
The chain plots happen to each persona are settled to be a sequence of inevitable tragedies. For the openers, the old Earnshaw just has to bring Heathcliff, the orphan one possibly would not expect he to receive a good end, to Wuthering Height. It causes Hindley and Catherine jealous and other complex. It is the original sin. Then the innocent Linton brother and sister get involve in Heathcliff's revenge. The aftermath even remains to the next generation. The writer sets up the ceaseless climax and offers the perfect reasons to each conflict, she successfully rouse the readers' emotions and sympathies, and they are the basic elements of pulp fiction or soap opera.
Second, owing to the plots of sadness, the characters react in rather extreme way.
Heathcliff always seems grim and restlessly seeking every kind of revenge. Catherine, the innocent (here the term "innocent" means stupid) and willful woman, self-conceitedly believes the whole decisions "she makes for everybody's sake" and selfishly considers that Edgar and Heathcliff do not love her than she does to these two guys. Edgar and Isabella, the real ignorant personas, ruined by Heathcliff and Catherine. These characters somehow seem to be over-reacted, too emotional, too ill rational; however, it is detestable for me to fail to find the reasons to indicate that they are unreasonable. In one word, the characters are like those ones created by Taiwan novelist,
With the qualities of pulp fiction, Wuthering Heights becomes easily digestible. While reading it, readers do not have to pay great attention to some difficult kind of literature techniques like the stream of consciousness; instead, the flows of each character and the elegant language require reader to appreciate.


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