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Nelly is one of the key characters in this novel. Although she was a servant, something she did had great influences on the development of the story. Besides, the whole story was told by her. Therefore, she is worthy of being discussed more.
First, I think she is a person who obeys social rules very much. The major reason for it might be her position of servant. As a servant, she needs to understand all social rules to help the master deal with many things. Besides, as a servant, she has lots of chances to go out "Wuthering Heights" to the downtown where people all obey social rules and see them something very important, so she must be effected by those people very much. Her mother, Hindley*s baby-sitter, even might also teach her some social rules from her childhood. Therefore, it*s easy for us to know that she obeys social rules very much, so does she obey God*s rules very much. She likes to lead an orderly life. all these make her disagree Catherine and Heathcliff*s behaves very easily and not like them much, for they always did something violating social rules and destroying the peace and order of life. For example, both they didn*t like to read Bible; both they care nothing about rules of marriage, for even Catherine has become Edgar*s wife, they still showed their feelings of love toward each other obviously. Anyway, both of them care nothing about other people* thought, so how could it be possible for them to obey social rules. In Nelly*s eyes, they two were troubling and could not be trusted. That is why she always stood with Edgar when there were quarrels between Catherine and Edgar. In fact, for Nelly, Catherine and Heathcliff*s world is something she would never understand. Their behaves are so violent, and their love are so strong. I think Nelly might even feel a little afraid of them. Some people think Nelly is cool, for when Heathcliff hurt himself under the tree, she said that she didn*t sympathize with him, and when Catherine was sick, she didn*t fully believe her and tell Edgar her situation. Besides, when Catherine died, she didn*t feel sad, she thought it was good for her and everyone instead. Actually, I think all these don*t mean she is cool. She is sympathetic, for when old Earnshaw and Hindley died, she felt very sad about these, and when she had to go with Catherine to Edgar*s house, she felt sad about little Hareton, for no one would take good care of him anymore. Besides, when she saw Heathcliff fear to know that Catherine was dead, she also felt sympathetic with him. Therefore, she is never a cool person. She just couldn*t accept too strong and violent behaves or emotion. Catherine*s madness and Heathcliff*s behave of dashing against trunk. Both is nonsense for her, so how could she feel sympathetic with them. As for her attitude toward Catherine*s death, I think she must think that Catherine felt very painful to live in this world and everyone also felt painful because of her and Heathcliff. Once her died, the situation would get improved. Life would become a little bit happier and quieter. Maybe she is a little self-fish, but she is not cool.
Second, I think she is a person who is confident of herself. "I certainly esteem myself a steady, reasonable kind of body," said herself. She said that it was because she have read lots of books. I think she was right. Reading indeed could bring confidences to people. In the novel, we could see that there were so many times Nelly didn*t do what her masters told her but decided what to do by herself. She would judge what is right or wrong and what is better or worse according to her own thoughts. For example, when Catherine was mad and sick, she didn*t take Catherine*s order to tell Edgar this situation, instead, she told Catherine that Edgar was reading his books. Besides, from the novel, we also could find that she added lots of her self-feeling when she told the story. She often mentioned that who should or shouldn*t do what, and this showed her confidences , too. However, sometimes her confidences made things more trouble. For example, her decision of not telling Edgar Catherine*s sickness and madness might lead to Catherine*s death, and her decision of not telling Catherine Heathcliff*s existence right away when she found this fact, and it led to Heathcliff*s leaving and taking revenge.
Anyway, compare to other characters in the novel, Nelly*s emotion and behave is much normal. Because of her, the leading actor and actress became more special. Therefore, although sometimes she is really a little hateful, She is worthy my appreciation.


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