Intuitive Nelly

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Intuitive Nelly
Nelly who is an important foil in Wuthring Heights is a witness of the whole

story. Meanwhile, I think she also plays a role in the story. She was a narrator of the

story, however, we can see her personality and points of view in her way of narrating.

From my points of view, at first, I think she's quite nice a person that seems was the

only one who took care of Lockwood and then tells the whole story for him and us.

She was a servant for the Earnshaws since her childhood, therefore, she witnessed the

whole process. I think she is very intuitive and always thinks that she's the right one.

In her talk with Catherine in Chapter 9, she actually knew Heacliff was in the room

but she didn't tell Catherine and she just let Heathcliff listened to Catherine's talk

although she knew Heathcliff would be hurt by it. Besides, she was very inpatient

while Catherine told her her worry and her decision of getting married to Edgar. She

didn't understand Catherine at all, and she just denied Catherine's asking. She didn't

realize how Catherine and Heathcliff loved each other. In chapter 11 and 12,

Catherine got seriously sick, however, Nelly held back her sickness on purpose and

thought Catherine was playing tricks and would recover soon. This caused

Catherine's death indirectly.

I don't know why but Nelly seemed dislike Heathcliff in the story, she always

described him as "evil" or something like that. I think she's also a main reason who

caused Heathcliff's leaving and Catherine's death. Furthermore, I've thought that if

Nelly didn't let Heathcliff heard her talk with Catherine, and told Edgar Catherine's

sickness earlier, would the story be totally different? Maybe Catherine won't die and

Heathcliff won't leave. On the other hand, although Nelly played as a servant in the

story, she seldom looked down on herself. I mean she never really understood every

role in the story, she just judged the right and the wrong on her points of view and

always thought she's the one who realized everything. Edgar had scolded her on her

bad attitude to Catherine so we knew that she didn't really behave like a respectful

servant. Nelly was a messenger between Catherine and Heathcliff when Catherine's

dying. She tried to let them meet each other because of Heathcliff's threatening. It's

the only nice thing she did for Catherine. At least she let the "spiritual lovers" meets

each other for the last time.


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