Wuthering heights

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The parallels play an important role in Wuthering Heights, first the narrators, Mr. Lockwood and Ellen Dean are instrumental in telling the story, however the story is mostly involved in the four central characters -- Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar, and Isabella.

Heathcliff, a black orphan, he seems can endure any insult from others, however the fact is that he might seek time for revenge, to be very vindictive.
Once Catherine said to Nelly that she's Heathcliff, they are the same kind of people in many ways. For example: strong, restless, individual.
Although they are actually one in spirit, there's still some differences such as Catherine is more mischief, talkative, and presents her feelings or emotions clearly and strongly while Heathcliff is more quiet( p59, Catherine complained he's too quiet). However Heathcliff can always tolerate Chtherine, his love towards her is so little spoken out. Both of their emotions are strong though, when together, they can endure everything, when separated, the strong emotions can only destroy the individuals and those around them. Catherine, from time to time, wants to make mend her faults and make the situation better, but Heathcliff, who had cause others' life so miserable, never repent and tried to make it better since only revenge can make him happy, but did he really happy?
Revenge is like a two-edge sword, I suppose he thinks that marry Isabella which can separate the Lintons, shows he can also marry the upper class people, is also a kind of revenge for Catherine. Is it not also a torment for himself? Two of them knew very well that they are different kind of people form the Lintons when they first saw them pulling the dogs, they looked upon them, laughed at them.
From the actions " Isbella, lay screaming at the farther end of the room, shrieking, Edgar stood on the hearth weping silently, and in the middle of the table sat a little dog, shaking its paw and yelping, which, from their mutual accusations, we understood they had nearly pulled in two between them¡K.to quarrel who should hold a heap of warm hair, and each began to cry because both, after struggling to get it, refused to take it. " We can tell that both of them are immature, well protected, they are like the canary in the cage. Catherine and Heathcliff are like the wild birds that will never be contended by living in the cage. This is why when Catherine, after married to Edgar, had season of gloom, and when she's dying (page 104) " don¡¦t' you see that face?" I think that she can't even recognize herself, and she's eager to be the Catherine with Heathcliff, that is she's not really happy for her marriage life. Although she owns Edgar's whole love, there's still something she feels lack to make her happy, she's not the Cathy who used to be wild on the moor, and can do whatever she desire.
" It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn, there were no mutual concessions; one stood erect, and the others yielded; neither opposition nor indifference? " This line is from Nelly. In my opinion, they were mutual concessions, to behave herself and tolerate the mild temper of the Lintons is not as easy as the Lintons.
" My love for Lintonis like the foliage in the woods. Time will change it, as winter changes the tree-- my love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath-- a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I'm Heathcliff-- he's always in my mind-- not as pleasure, any more than I an always a pleasure of myself-- but, as my own being-- so, don't talk of our separation again¡K" " I was only going to say that heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to earth; and the angels were so angry that they flung me out, into the middle of the heath on the top of Wuthering Heights where I woke sobbing for joy¡K. I've no more business to marry Edgar Lintonthan I have to be in heaven; and if the wicked man in there had not brought Heathcliff so low, I shouldn't have thought of it.It would degree me to marry Heathcliff, now; so he shall never know how I love him; and that, not because he's handsome, Nelly, but because he's more than myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
For Catherine, Heathcliff is a part of her nature while Edgar is only a part of her superficial love. It is spiritual love rather than physical one that binds Heathcliff and Catherine together. Marriage for Catherine is only a stepping- stone for her to make both her and Heathcliff's life better, for Heathcliff, his marrige is merely a revenge.
Catherine's selfish character was depicted when she wanted both of the men at the same time, Edgar for his life, and Heathcliff for his soul.
Both Catherine and heathcliff dislike reading, they are less reasonable but more passionate, which the Lintons are on the contary.
In addition to what I have mentioned above about Edgar and Isabella, they are both very weak and feminine which might due to their background. Naive, foolish and allow themselves to be taken easily. And become the target of Catherine and Heathcliff. The Lintons all has the mild temper, I think this is another reason why they are easily to be attracted by Catherine and Heathcliff. Edgar, although handsome, is less masculine than Heathcliff. Moreover, he's easily to cower. Isabella, delicate, pale, like her brother wel-educated, fit the stereotype of upper class lady. Also is unable to elevate her status by her own strength. Therefore they became figureheads.
Edgar when Catherine's dead, he raise his daughter, we can see he became more capable, and shows more strength, at the same time, Isabella also shows her independence when she left Heathcliff and took her son away. For their beloved, weak peaple can become more reliable than before.


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