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Catherine was a willful girl since her childhooh; she wanted everything
she liked and did everything she wanted to do; her personality was naughty, wild and not restricted
by anything. Even her strong love toward Heathcliff couldn't retrain her decision of marrying
Edgar. She had always been self-centered and thought that everything she did was right and good.
When her father was alive, she never treated him well as a doughter should do; on the contrary, she often
provoked her father on purpose. When she told Nelly her choice of marring Edgar just because he was
young, rich, handsome,and the most important was that Edgar loved her, actually, she
betrayed her true feeling of love and also she didn't concern about how Heathcliff would think. About this
marriage, she only thought about herselfe's sake regardless of the true love between Heathcliff
and her and whether it's fair to Edgar or not. All she knew was that she may be happy ( actually it's not
true happiness ) in this marriage. When Heathcliff brought revenge returning to Whuthering Hights and
made Isabells fall in love with him, Catherine started to be in a flurry. Isabella's love toward Heathcliff
was unexpected to Catherine. She used to persuade Isabella not to love Heathcliff, on the one hand,
this was for Isabella's sake because she didn't understand Heathcliff at all; on the other
hand, she was alittle afraid. For a long time , she always owned Heathcliff's love toward her and she
considered it a possession of her; so when she knew Isabella loved Heathcliff, she had a kind of
sense of fear and loss. Whuthering Hights and Thrushcross Grange represented two opposite
world. The former represented crueity, wildness and primitive vitality; the latter stood for culture,
civilization and upper class.Catherine were always struggling between these two world. Although
she chose to marry into Thrushcross Grange finally, but she was not happy. In her mind, she still
belonged to Whuthering Hights and Heathcliff was just the embodiment of this world. As she said " He (
Heathcliff ) is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.........
" Actually, Catherine knew who she really loved amd who she should marry, but because of her
willfulness and betrayl to her true feeling resulting in a series of unfortunate events.


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