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Heathcliff is an orphan child with no status and is negated by the society he locates. Nobody gives him proper and complete love: his father spoils him and develops his self-centered personality; Hindley bullies him, Mr. and Mrs. Lindon look down on him, and even Catherine deserts him because of his humbleness. Although Heathcliff suffers much unfair treatment, he always endures everything. His firmness doesn't originate his natural instinct, but comprehends from his bumpy fate; because he is lonely and weak, he has to endure humiliation of people, but once he grasps the weak points of his opponents, he threatens them by this and asks whatever he wants. We can see example of fighting for horses with Hindley. His hatred and anger are accumulating day after day, and wait for the day of eruption. His revenge starts when he returns to Hutherign Hights. His revengeful objects are Hindley, Edgar and Catherine. He still loves Catherine very much but he can't forgive her choice of marrying Edgar. Then, his love becoms hatred and results in a series of revengeful actions. After Catherine's death, he becomes a machine of revenge and wants everyone who used to bully him to be painful, and even involves innocent people like Isabella and Catherine II. He is the representation of evil and all things he does is to challenge ethical codes and social class.


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