Love from Wuthering Heights

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Love from Whthering Heights
This semester, in our literature course, we read a long novel, Wuthering Heights. It is written by Emily Bronte and it is also seen as one of the ten famous novels in the world. From the novel, we can find many representations of human beings' passions, for example, love, hate selfishness and so on. Among these, I think the word , love, is the central point of the novel. In the whole story, we can see that it shows everywhere. We find it between Heathcliff and Catherine, Edgar and Catherine, Nelly and Catherine (before), Nelly and Isabella (after) or Isabells and Heathcliff and Hareton and Cathy. Though Emily uses different forms to express it, they all make us feel the power of it. With it, we can overcome a lot of difficulties, which are in our way. With it, life will be meaning and more colorful. With it , we can go across the restrict of space.

When we focus on the two main pairs of lovers, Heathcliff and Catherine and Hareton and Cathy, we can see two different expressions and consequences of love. When Heathcliff was brought to Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, Hindley hated him so much, for he thought he had deprived the love of his father. After his father's death, he made him a servant and treated him as cruelly as he could. It is under the resistance of oppression, Heathcliff falls in love with Catherine. They really love each other and hope to be together. But because of the lower class of Heathcliff and the general idea of Catherine. They part with each other in the thinking of their future. From their attitudes, we see the conservative and restricted love. In ancient time, even the two people love each other, the parents' order, old idea and the reality will still be the main reason for them to make the choice. Followed by this, some tragedies will cause by it. For instance, when Catherine decides to marry Edgar, Heathcliff's deep and strong love turns to be the terrible and dangerous hatred. It makes him to take revenge on some innocent people, Isabella or their children, Hareton, Linton and Cathy. Here, we see the power of love again though it is positive. Too much love can make people to do something horrible and crazy. No wonder people usually sat, "the men who are in love are invisible and unreasonable."

In the end, Heathcliff succeeded in his revenge. He got the Wuthering Heights as well as Thrushcross Grange and he got the whole property. He also makes Hareton and Cathy to be his servants. But what on earth does he really get? He is lonely, so lonely, for he has lost his lover forever. In the late of his years, he waits for death. Then, he can be together with Catherine through it. In the story of Heathcliff and Catherine, it's a complete tragedy.

In spite of this, we discover "hope" in the story of Hareton and Cathy. Although Heathcliff always tries to hurt them, to ruin them or to separate them, they are still together in the last. Nothing on earth can stop between them. The two hearts which long for the fortune and security make then combine with each other tightly and make their love grow up. From their story, we understand the magic of love is incomparable. We also can see them as some kind of love of new generation. Between we see no obstacles of different classes, statuses and educational standards. These things are nonsense for them. What really counts is the "feeling." They need the love that can warn each other, can comfort each other and can depend on each other.

In a word, I think the love between Heathcliff and Catherine is fancy love. Maybe it won't come true now or forever, but it's romantic and deeply-rooted. The love between Hareton and Cathy is general love. Maybe it is not as great as fancy love and it tastes like a glass of tap water, but it is so real necessary. In the whole life of Emily Bronte, she doesn't experience the feeling of love. As a result, she may hope to feel its power by means of the novel. Let love be filled with the world is thee central point of it and it is the most attractive part of it, too.

Most of us may desire for these two kinds of love. It is like in the movies, "The Bridge of Madison" or "City of Angels." (X±Ą€H) general love provides us with a refuge and gives us safety; however, fancy love makes our life unusual and memorable. Though it will be sad and painful for a moment, it will turn to be sweet as time goes by.


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