Wuthering Heights

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The world in Wuthering Heights likes a microcosm our world. People all have the dark side of one's heart; they have the sense of jealousy. And they express their anger by taking revenge on other people. Maybe on the surface, it seems their characteristic was changed after several years, but it's little. They still lived in their own passions, their own world; they dealt with things on their own way. For example, the main character in Wuthering Heights-Heathcliff, he considered that the things he did all in the right and had strong desire to gain return from other people. That's the main reason that led to all the miseries of two families.
The novel begins from the end of the whole incident. We can know that Heathcliff was a cold, indifferent person through Mr. Lockwood's description. After Mr. Lockwood visited Heathcliff, he tried to use his past experience to explain why Heathcliff became so unsociable. He said that Heathcliff "love and hate, equally under coverĄK" I think that Mr. Lockwood thought that Heathcliff was a person who wasn't accustomed to express either his love or hate toward other people like past him. This was why he was so interested in Heathcliff.
In chapter 2, Mr. Lockwood visited Heathcliff again. This time he saw Hareton Earnshow and Catherine. And he began to interest the relationship between them and Heathcliff. That night he stayed at their house for heavy snow. He met Catherine's ghost in his nightmare and saw the diary of Catherine. In Catherine's diary, it was written about the conflict between Heathcliff, Hindley and Catherine. But Catherine as a sister and a friend of them, she was very contradictory. So I think maybe this was one reason why she married Edgar Linton. And the other reason maybe she had been fascinated by the luxurious life in Edgar's family. And she wanted to use Edgar's wealth to help Heathcliff's life. That's her really motivation why she wanted to marry Edgar Linton. But Heathcliff misunderstand Catherine, he thought that Catherine also looked down on his wild, rude behaves after she came back from Edgar's home.
In short, I think that Heathcliff was a man who couldn't forgive anyone who once betrayed or insulted him. That's why he couldn't go out of the painful memory in his childhood and always wanted to take revenge on them. Besides, I also think that he lacked of self-confidence, so he wanted to do some crazy things to attract other people's attention
He wanted other people admire him from this he could get the sense of
self-satisfaction. Maybe this situation resulted from his miserable childhood, however, he didn't try to escape from this unhappy memory and let it control his whole life. What a miserable person.


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