Wuthering Heights

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Characters in Wuthering Heights
Since Mr. Earnshaw took Heathcliff back to his house, everything was different from their former life. Hindley and Catherine were not fond of Heathcliff, because they couldn't get their presents because of him, they showed dislike toward Heathcliff. Hindley went to study in another area, so Catherine was lonely, but Heathcliff was her company, then they became good friends. After Mr. Earnshaw's death, Hindley went back with his wife. He began to stop Catherine being together with Heathcliff, because he thought Heathcliff was an orphan, and he had no quality to stand with them. However, Catherine didn't care that, she still went to wasteland and marsh with Heathcliff.
Although Heathcliff and Catherine were not allowed to be together, they still did not mind. They always did anything arbitrarily. Catherine was a willful girl, nobody could cease her to do what she wanted do. Her mind was very wild, so she couldn't bear to stay at the house, she liked to go out and stay at the wasteland. Heathcliff was also the same man with her. In my opinion, no one could discipline them, because they were the master's children, and the slaves must obey them. Hence, they became so wild at last. I think that Catherine would love Heathcliff that is she had no company, and they were always together all day long, so they would love each other.
Since they loved each other, why they didn't get marry, that was Heathcliff had no status at their family. Hindley treated him like a slave. So, when Heathcliff started his revenge, he took Hindley's possession away first. I feel Heathcliff was a devil, he revenged those who took Catherine away from him after he came back.
In fact, I think that Hathcliff also hated Catherine, but he loved her more than he hated her. He also used his own son to get marry with Cathy to get Linton's property. He took revenge on everyone in unscrupulous ways.
Although Heathcliff got everyone's property, he lost everyone's love. Nobody except Catherine loved him; people around him were afraid of him and they didn't like him. His own son showed fear toward him and he was so weak that his son died early. Heathcliff died lonely, but everyone got better life after his death.


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