The Love in Wuthering Heights

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The LOVE in Wuthering Heights

In the novel Wuthering Hwights, the 4 main characters were created to be involved in complicated romances which had had very strong impacts on their next generations.
I want to talk about Heathcliff and Catherine first. They grew up together, accustomed to the life with each other, and had had a very happy time at the moors and barren mountains. Their affection was like intimate friends, couldn't live without each other. In my opinion, only this kind of love lasts forever. After getting married, what is the most important between a couple is tolerate each other and learn the philosophy of dealing with spouse. The intense emotions and the passions will fade away in the long course of time. That's what we can not find in the relationship of Edgar Linton and Catherine. They were like friends who "respected" each other. However, there is no true "love" between them. We know that Catherine married Edgar just because she thought that Edgar's fortune would help Heathcliff. Edgar treated Chthy "too well"-- in my words. It's not normal to happen in a couple. I think-- obviously, Cathy hadn't the kind of love for husband on Edgar while Edgar kept loyal and faithful to her. She was "spiritually" betraying him! I know it was hard and probably a bit unfair to judge this situation in such kind of background this novel constructed.
As for Heathcliff and Esabella, they were "awkward" couples. It was Heathcliff's physical attraction that Esabella was attached with, nothing more!! This part
is the strangest part in the novel-- I think, probably is because we haven't discussed about it yet, maybe we can give it a try. Anyway, the fact is, Heathcliff married Esabella on the purpose of grabbing Linton's fortune. Their love wasn't based on a firm foundation since they knew little about each other. (Or even, there is no "love" between they two. What they had was just benefits!) Cathy once warned Esabella about Heathcliff's bad temper and mean characteristics (Ch.10 P.86, 87) Why Esabella was so obstinate not listening to Mrs. Linton's advice? What made her do that decision? I don't know. But their love was indeed a tragedy, Esabella was totally ruined and Heathcliff successfully got what he wanted. In conclusion, Cathy's mind is worthy of discussing that wheather her love toward Eagar should be named "love" or simply more-than-friend affection? Was Heathcliff a coward that he didn't have the courage to grab away Cathy forcibly? Wasn't there anything to help keeping his fortune? Tragic woman Esabella, why didn't she think just a bit clearly? She's the point I think which caused the whole tragic of Linton's fortune. Anyway, the love between Heathcliff and Catherine was the "dispair" love; Catherine and Edgar's a kind of love that hurt each other; Heathcliff and Esabella's couldn't be called "love"
Esabella were like killing herself that she jumped into the trap and fire.


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