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Mothers play a very important role in the family, especially for children. Most of the children tend to rely everything on their mothers more than fathers because mothers are usually tenderer and kinder. But in Wuthering Heights, I found that almost all of the characters lack of mothers. They grow up in a single family and was controlled and affected by their father. Why does this happen? Maybe it is because the author's mother also died when she was still very young. Emily's Bronte's mother died after leaving several weak children. The children in the Bronte family were brought up by their aunt. Maybe this background had influences on the creating of this novel. Now I want to talk about how the characters were treated in this novel.
In the first generation, Mrs. Earnshaw died when Catherine and Hindley were very young. They only had a little impression of their mother. Heathcliff is totally lack of mother love. He never had mother love in his life. Although Mr. Earnshaw treated him as his son and loved him very much, Hindley's mother never changed her manners to Heathcliff. She never accepted him in her family. So when Heathcliff was unhappy, he could only went out to the moor let nature to comfort him. In this case, nature plays a mother role in Heathcliff's life. Because of lacking mother, Heathcliff doesn't know what's mother love, what's the feelings of being treated tenderly and carefully and what's family love. On the other hand, he was always treated cruely by Hindley. That's why he only knows how to treat people badly instead of kindness. Even when he has his own family, he still hasn't any family love.
The second generation, actually the children have no mother love at all. Both Cathy and Hareton's mothers died when they were still babies and Linton's mother died when he was very young. Hareton and Linton are the most mournful children this story. They were not only without mother, but also were mistreated by their fathers. Compare two of them, Hareton is luckier because he was only abused by his father after his father was drunk. When Hindley was sober, he still cared about his son and he was not willing to hurt him. At that time, Nelly not only was a maid in Wuthering Heights, but also was a mother of Hareton. She took good care of him and tried her best to protest him from the violence of his father. Since he was misled by Heathcliff, he is so rude and illiterate. As a whole, he is kind and clever.
On the contrary, there's no one care about Linton in his family. Heathcliff was minded to hurt his son. He was very cruel to him that he doesn't care anything about him, even he is a very weak child. We can see that Heathcliff never called a doctor to see his son whatever how serious his illness is. He hates his son as if he hates his wife and Edgar. That's why Linton never has family love till he died. He was poor that he can't live in a normal family and was controlled by his father who always forces him to do something that he doesn't want to do.
Catherine also died after Cathy's birth, she had no chance to take care of her daughter. Luckily, Edgar is a good and responsible husband and father. He loved Cathy more than everything, even than himself. He uses all his heart to take care of her and teach her. That makes her feel warm and happy at home though she has no mother. Besides, Nelly also loves her very much and treats her as her daughter, that's why she is satisfy with her family. Anyway, she is the luckiest person in this generation such as her mother was the luckiest person in the last generation though both of them also suffered from some kind of sorrow.


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