Wuthering Heights

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Actually, I feel their love is so strange. For example, when Catherine told Nelly that she wanted to get marry with Edgar, but as Nelly asked her if she loved Edgar, then Catherine said she didn't know. However, she loved Heathcliff, she didn't to marry him. Hence, I think she must want to live in high society, because Catherine got marry with Edgar very soon after Heathcliff's leaving. Although she married to Edgar, she must still love Heathcliff. When Esabella had good impression toward Heathcliff and told Catherine that she wanted to be together with Heathcliff; then Catherine persuaded Esabella to keep distance from Heathcliff. I think that Catherine did this out of her jealousy.
In my opinion, Catherine didn't love Edgar, because they didn't have common interest, for instance, Edgar liked to read, but Catherine didn't. While Catherine got mad, she wanted to see Heathcliff and went back to Wuthering Heights. She recalled that she and Heathcliff played in the wasteland, then she wanted to do that again with Heathcliff. Catherine's wild nature was revealed while she was mad.
The love between Catherine and Heathcliff is spiritual love, and this is different from that in " A Streetcar Named Desire ".
Heathcliff would marry Esabella, that is he wanted to take revenge on Edagar. When Esabella knew that , it was too late. So, she left Heathcliff.
The second generation was controlled by Heathcliff. Hareton was educate by Heathcliff, and his characters were similar to Heathcliff's. Linton was afraid of his father- Heathcliff, besides Heathcliff didn't take care of Linton's life. He let Linton live with him that is he wanted to use Linton to get Edgar's property. In the beginning, Heathcliff gave good impression to Cathy, but when Cathy knew Heathcliff's purpose, she was prisoned by Heathcliff. Then she was forced to get marry with Linton, although she loved Linton, she didn't want to marry him in this condition. And I feel that Catherine didn't love Linton, she just showed her sympathy, Linton and herself didn't know it.


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