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In this novel, I think Ms. Nelly Dean played an important role in both generations. Both Catherine and Cathy like to tell Nelly what are in their minds, and both of them are perplexed between the society and the wild. Nelly always uses her own judgments to cope with things that happen around her, but in fact, she does not understand them completely, and this always causes many miserable things. When Nelly was sick, Cathy secretly went to visit weak Linton every night. That is why Heathcliff would have the chance to use Linton as a tool to cheat Cathy. Heathcliff planned to let Cathy and Linton get married. And he could grab all Edgar's possessions after Edgar's death. So in my opinion, Linton did not love Cathy but just like her. Cathy thought taking care of him was a delighted job. He doesn't have any friend of his age and he needs someone to take care of him, that is why Linton likes Cathy. Heathcliff controlled all his mind and body so he did not have any specific thoughts of his own. His personality was seriously twisted. Linton also has a very bad temperament and is not easy to get along with. Heathcliff looked down on him and abused him, just the way Hindley treated Heathcliff before, perhaps even more severe!
Cathy owned a positive and strong mind. For example, when Cathy was locked and beat by Heathcliff, she did not change her attitude and beg for his forgiveness. Later when Heathcliff wants Cathy to go back to Wuthering Heights with him, she told Heathcliff, "Mr. Heathcliff, you have nobody to love you; and, however miserable you make us, we shall still have the revenge of thinking that your cruelty rises from your greater misery! You are miserable, are you not! Lonely, like the devil and envious like him? Nobody loves you and nobody will cry for you, when you die!"(P.239)
In my mind, Heathcliff couldn't say his love to Catherine for one single day is much deeper than Edgar's love to Catherine for one year! He gives all his love and respect to Catherine who doesn't love him that much. Edgar is really an amiable, mild and gentleman. Anyway, he still loves Catherine cares about her, even though he knows that deep in her heart, his position will never be as important as Heathcliff. After Catherine's death, he also went to her grave and paid her respect, and usually at the birthday of little Cathy. Heathcliff, I think, can never provide this kind of devoted love to Catherine.
The ending of this story is a little bit ambiguous. The two narrators present two different opinions. Mr. Lockwood said that Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar are peacefully lying down in the ground while rumors has it that Heathcliff and Catherine's ghosts are wandering at the moor! Ms. Nelly Dean doesn't believe that, though. In my mind, three of them are fighting! Since Edgar is dead, he is not sick or weak at all, and in that case, he has enough strength to fight with Heathcliff. Both of two men love Catherine. But in Catherine's position, I think she will choose Heathcliff if she has sense after her death. In the world after death, social status means nothing to anybody. Catherine can love who she really loves, and care nothing about money and social position!


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