The love between Catherine and Heathclif

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The love between Catherine and Heathcliff
As we can know that Heathcliff and Catherine love each other very much, But they usually show their by sarcasming and Criticizing for each other. So there are often fight and dispute between them. For example, in page 59, Heathcliff went to visit Catherine while Hindley was not at home. Afterwards, they had a fight. Catherine demanded ," And should I always be sitting with you" and she grow more irritated. She grow more irritated because of her sorrow to Heathcliff, that she said something which is true. Also in the line30 of the page, it wrote, "Her companion rose up, but he hadn't time to express his feelings further" . Heathcliff was agitation. Also in the sentence we can say that Catherine and Heathcliff were doomed not togather. There would always has someone interrupted them while they had chance to express their love to each other. And this time is Hindley. In chapter 9, Catherine's heart was broken and she was sick again when finding out that Heathcliff left Wuthering Heights, From the point, we can be sure that Catherine do love Heathcliff. In my opinion, why she didn't show out her love to Heathcliff may because she had considered their two different backgrounds. The concepts the family gave to her told her that she could not be together with Heathcliff because they had different background. But she do love Heathcliff, what can she do? So we can see another example in Page70, Catherine said to Nelly, " Heathcliff- he's always in my mind- not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleasure to myself- but as my own being- so, don't talk of our separation- it is impractical; andĄK" She loved him but still irritated him.
As we can see Heathcliff does the something to Catherien, Once he went to Edgar's home and kissed Isabella who loved him. At the same time, Catherie looked at them through the window. The scene broke her heart. So in my opinion, there is a great disparity of love between theirs and others, they still face the cruel and indifferent world topursue their own world and their loyal love , which only belongs to them. It is pity that they cannot defest the deluge of the pressure from the reality and they fail to express their love to each other and at their will. Maybe we can say that their love is true, eternal and loyal love in the world.


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