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I remember I had read the novel when I was jnior high school student. Maybe age is different, so point of view is also different. That time I think the novel was so romantic; lovers couldn't get togather.Also I stood on Heathcliff side,because people didn't treat him very well expect Catherine. So it was his right to take revenge. BUt this time I don't think so. I think his heart is evil and fiiled with hate.All in his mind was only revenge. So now I would like to tall something about my opinion.
I think the novel is a Gothic novel which also contain staire. This is a novel with irony. First, the people in the novel are isolated from the outside world for they don't have any neighbor around, so each of them had formed different value systems and even worse; some of them isolated themselves with one another. In other words,many characters describes in the novel are sarcastic to the real world. For example, Heathcliff is the one who is most socially unacceptable and hurt most deeply. Besides, the novel has some weird, unbelievable, superstitious sence, such as the wandering ghosts. I think that is why the novel is a typical Gothicnovel. Alos I think the two narrators- Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean are just like us, readers. Because their curiousity is arisen by the weird plots and both of them misunderstand things easily like us do and causes a lot of problems in the way.So sometimes we could find that our view is same as these two characters, but you could also find out that our view is following their
their speech.I think maybe it is author's skills to use two narrators as a snare to readers and interfere with the readers' view of the novel. Besides, in the novel, there are a lot of objects and scenes are symbolic, such as the weather, the moor , the window and ...,ect.
First, I think the window has a strong symbolic meaning in the novel. For example in p4 it said ," Happily, the architect ahd foresight to build it strong: the narrow windows are deeply set in the wall, and the cornors defended with large jutting stones. I think it is a symbolc of Heathcliff. Because the door towards his heart is also shut deeply from other except Catherine. For example, in p14 Lockwood said," I can sleep on a chair in this room" However, Heathcliff replied, " No! No! A strong is a strong , be he rich or poor- it will not suit me to permit anyone the range of the place while I am off guard!" He always set a wall from people.
As for the book, I think Heathcliff is the one who hates books most. He doesn't likethe rules as Catherine's does,and it is different from Joseph. Joseph is the most religious one in the novel. Therefore, he thinks they aer devil for they turn their back to God. In the novel, Nelly told Heathcliff that people think God is the law and he is the only one who can punish wick people. But Heathcliff doesn't think so. Thus, he takes God's right to punish the wick people which result in " REVENGE"


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