Hindley/Frances vs. Heathcliff/Isabella

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There is a similarity in the characters of Hindley and Heathcliff. Both of them are defensive, reckless, and impetuous. Each of them is always ready to fight the other down. And each of them devoted himself to his lover. Hindley loves no body, but Frances, and Heathcliff*s only love is Catherine. Here, I would like to talk about the great differences of their marriages.
Before going to school, Hindley always finds faults in Heathcliff on purpose. But when he came back with a wife, his angry with Heathcliff was still there, but not that violent anymore. He didn*t care about what Heathcliff did , as long as he kept far away from him. Most time, he is with his wife and scarcely notice other things. It seems that being with Frances is his major concern. Though there are little about their love and marriage in Nelly*s narration, Hindley did change when Frances was alive.
One thing can be sure of is that Hindley*s love toward Frances was deep and passionate. He refused to accept the real situation of Frances*s illness, and scolded the doctor*s diagnosis as nonsense. He thought it was just a cold and his wife wouldn*t die. He merely escaped from the reality and couldn*t bare this lose. After Frances died, he kept drinking and ruined himself. He is mean and bad to his son, perhaps he took his birth as the cause Frances* death.
We see Hindley*s love and loyal devotion in his marriage which are never shown before or in the rest of his life. Like Heathcliff, we could say he died when his wife left him.
As for Heathcliff, he married Isabella because of revenge, but not love. This is very different from Hindley*s. There is a basic factor that he never got a chance to have his true love-Catherine. If Hindley*s marriage is merely for love, Heathcliff*s marriage is a mean for evil intention.
His marriage is a tragedy, according to Isabella*s letter to Nelly. The victim of the marriage is Isabella, but who first volunteered to be involved in this tragedy. There is no love in this marriage, only hatred and the admire and fantasy of Isabella in the very beginning. Then what remain this marriage?
Not for a long time, Isabella realized the evil intention of Heathcliff is to take revenge on her brother by marrying her. Isabella does love Edgar. When Heathcliff assailed Edgar, Isabella said she couldn*t stand the humiliation toward his brother. Though Edgar severed the relationship with her at that time, Isabella still loved him.
Isabella didn*t take refuge in home because she didn*t want to defame his brother*s reputation. There is another possibility that because she loves Edgar so much, she would prevent the revenge and hurts planned by Heathcliff from happening. Being close to the enemy and detect what he wants is one way to protect his brother.
Heathcliff didn*t change after married Isabella, he is still savage and cruel. He tortured his wife by letting grievance, loneliness, and indifference eat her heart. Isabella changed to be another person in Wuthering Hieghts. Her countenance was not radiant any more and her behavior became savage.
Like Hindley, he treated his son really bad. But the reason is not that he loves his wife so much, but hatred toward his wife.
Marriage is the combination of two people, but the foundation and the reason of the combination can be so different. In this complex story, many kinds of love are involved. I disregard many factors, such as Hindley*s rejection of the union of Catherine and Heathcliff and Catherine*s warn to Isabella when analyzing these two marriages, or my focus will be vague. The purpose in this analysis is to find out the basic intention and reason of getting married.


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