Porphyria's Lover

Poster¡G Stacey Shu at 22:59:48 5/10/98 from proxy-sec.showtower.com.tw
In the begining, the second and third lines said " The sullen wind was soon awake. It tore the elm-tops down for spite. " " For spite " is a violent adjective. Actually wind can't hate anything by itself so there are the inside feelings of the speaker. The speaker is unhappy and on a bad mood. The speaker's lover, Porphria, was coming. Externally the man said his lover shut the cold and the storm out and made the cottage warm, actually she also expelled unhappiness and melancholy from his mind. There mentioned many things about Porphyria's appearance; dripping cloak, and shawl, soiled gloves, and damp hair. They showed how difficult that she came to see him was. When Porphyria called the speaker, he didn't reply. Probably because walking a long distance to see him, Porphyria became dirty and humid and she was not " pure and good " enough to be his ideal lover. The speaker sounded proud, but in fact, he was weaker than Porphyria. The speaker fell in live with Porphyria in a party and they were in different calsses; because of this reason, he had no confidence on this affection despite she used her physical actions to show her love. But it might not be real love. Also the speaker thought Porphyria's " too weak to set passion free and to give herself to him "; in order to help her set her emotion free, he killed her. He thought he helped her leave the dirty world to make her pure and good. 
I think the speaker was gone insane because after killing Porphyria, he is calm and steady and observed the body thoroughly; he also described the protrudent eyes and lids as " a shut bud holds a bee. " He had no regret for Porphyria's death even said God approve it.