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The character of this poem is a cat named Selima. In the second staza, there are some descriptions of her: the snowy beard, the velvet paws, her coat, her ears of jet and her emerald eyes. The poet compared the cat to a lady and I imagine the lady wearing a fur coat and velvet gloves, with jet hair and sexy green eyes. The cat was on a vase's side; for Selima, the vase full of water was like a lake, with fish swimming in it. In order to catch the fish, Selima tried her hard to do it: " A whisker first and them a claw "; " Again she stretohed again she beat. " She concentrated on catching the fish so much that she neglected the slippery verge and the gulf between two sides of the " lake ", and then, she fell into the lake. To a cat, the fish is a kind of goal which is pursued and in the process of pursuing, the cat also showed her greef. The poet used the cat to compare to a lady who seeked her goal or dream. The attraction of a dream to a woman is like the attraction of a fish to a cat; she ( the cat or the woman ) can neglect danger in order to get what she wants. In the last stanza, the speaker tried to tell readers that beautiful woman would pursue impossible dream and then fall down; thye neglected that something attractive might be dangerous.