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When I read it at first time, I can't realize the meanings very much and it is very long poem. But reading for several times alter, I think I could enjoy and appreciate it a little more. 
The language in the poem is steady and long. It may talk about serious things, but also funny, because speaker uses cat to express his idea. In the first stanza, it mentions that beautiful things on the outside may be dangerous inside. And in the last line of this stanza, the word" lake" belongs to a part of painting. It's not a real one. For cat, it seems quite big and it is likes the sea. 
In the second stanza, it's the description of the cat. That cat may be beautiful, elegant, but mysterious. There is the personification in the last two lines. It describes and explains the appearance of the cat. Then the next stanza, it has metaphor there. For example, the words" angel" and" genii" mean "fish" that were given from God. And the word "purple" may possible compare to the royal color. That makes the fish seem to be in the heaven, and very valuable for the cat. And we can find she desires the fish very much. 
In the fourth stanza, the last two lines are quite meaningful. Because the speaker uses the woman's desire to prize to compare to the cat's desire to fish. We know that sometimes we can't refuse the enticement. In the sixth stanza, I think the reason why the speaker uses the words" Eight times" is that cat has nine lives, and at the ninth time, she would die. In Bible, we all know that the meaning of "flood" is punishment. So in this stanza, we can think that the work "flood" is a punishment to the evil living being, cat. 
In the last stanza, it describes in human term and moral lesson. We should learn a lot of from cat. It teachs us that any wrong step can be fatal. So we must think before leaping. And we should not put too much emphasis on the appearance, and shouldn't be template and vanity.