she walks in beauty

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She walks in beauty 

The author wrote this poem to describe a woman and the beauty, and he has used 
figure of speech in the poem. 
In the first two sentences of the first stanza, the author describe a woman's beauty by using metaphor, he refers her beauty to "like the night of cloudless....and starry skies".which gives a perfect image about the beauty he saw or thought of, and "and all*.her eyes", this phrase shows how much admiration he has for this woman. 
so from this stanza we can see that the author likes this woman very much .Therefore "thus mellow'd ...tender light" and he is comparing her again with heaven and gaudy day...heaven suppose to be a wonderful place*full of fun and ..brightness and tenderness, but in the last sentence,"which ...denies" he is trying to say the light from the woman is more tender, thus "which...denies". 
The author describes the place she stays in the second stanza, the word "nameless" implies greatness and "softly" all give us a idea about a pleasing environment which she lives in and a image again appears in our mind from his description "which waves...tress".So far I realize that the beauty in the topic is the place the woman lives. A pure and dear dwelling place. 
In the last stanza, what i understand is...because she lives in the "dear dwelling place" therefore the woman is pure and innocent .the way she looks is so soft and calm as the peace is safe and beautiful, and of course ..peaceful.