Brief thoughts on A discription of the M

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There are eight characters in this poem: Betty, prentice, Moll, street-sweeping youth, chimney sweepers, duns, turnkey and school boy. All of them are common people, living in the lower caste in England society. Swift used a zoom-out view to catch many parts in London in the morning, then zoom in to see their actions. 
The description of the morning reveals another face of London, unlike a propaganda, more real. The ugly faces in a big city cannot be seen as a whole, but it*s an existing part which people are not used to notice or intend to hide it. 
The lower-caste people woke up or began to work in the transition between the dark and the light. They pared the dirt from one place to another and hide it; they started to sweep dirty things. It suggests that they are sweeping out the dirt of London so people won*t see it under the bright sun. The prostitute and the turnkey began to seize their dirty work when the dawn is coming. 
As a habitant in a big city-Taipei, I prefer this style of describing a big city than merely glorifying its flourish. Comparing London in Swift*s poem and Taipei, we can see big cities are almost the same no matter the differences between centuries and places. I mean the dirty parts, the life which is much real and closer to a real one. All the bright faces in a big city build on those small things and common people*s lives. People usually neglect them for we don*t want them to exist in such a developed place where is supposed to be pure and clean. But they are there, which from post card cannot be seen. 
I am amazed that a poet from eighteenth century can write about a city so similar to those in today. When I read "The description of the morning", I feel I went across the time gap and meet Swift there in the eighteenth century in London, there with him, seeing what is happening in the morning just as those happen in my city everyday