Which I prefer is...

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Course: Introduction to Literature 
Name: Maxine Y.C. Huang 
Number: 486200444 

Topic: Which I prefer is¡K 

After reading Swift's "On Stella's Birthday" and Byron's "She Walks in Beauty", I much prefer to "On Stella's Birthday"! Though, both these two poems describe woman, the woman in Swift's poem is much easier for me to accept. Besides, Swift's humorous tone make me keep my eyes on his work. 

From the first line to line eight, Swift pointed out Stella's age and figure were not the same as he first saw her. This description is the biggest difference between Swift's poem and Byron's poem. As we know, age and figure are quite concerned by we women. But, Swift made them uncovered! Through this, Swift made Stella become more familiar to readers. It is mach easy for me to make a concrete image of Stella. But, how could readers to find or to image a woman as perfect as a starry-night like goddess. And, this shows his acquaintance with Stella. Though, Stella wasn't his wife, he could be a good friend of hers. From lime nine to the end of "On Stella's Birthday", Swift used a funny way to show his admiration to Stella. He was quite different from Byron. Byron's appreciation to his cousin shows that he had a period of distance from his cousin, because he described her as, light, shade, ray, and something that can disappear suddenly. And, she was also too perfect to get close with, just as the sky. 

On the other hand, Swift's affection to Stella was adding and adding when his friendship with Stella was increasing and increasing year by year. His showed his love to Stella by a playful way---How should I beg of Fate to split my worship too in twain. Well, this sentence might point out his love to Stella. In my opinion, his understanding to Stella was much deeper than Byron's understanding to his cousin. Because, in Swift's poem, he could notice Stella's wit. Only old friend can pay attention to one's wit. On the other hand, in Byron's poem, I can merely know his cousin's beauty. 

From these two poems, I learned another style of love, both Swift and Byron couldn't become their ideal love's lover. But, they could turn their love into another higher state. Well, they were much and much kinder than Pophyria's lover.