Romantic Poetry

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Romantic Poetry 

¡§She Walks in Beauty¡¨- This is a traditional poem about love. First, we see the title ¡§She Walked in Beauty.¡¨ What meanings does this title? In fact, I think that this title should have only one meaning. She walks gently and elegantly. This means that no matter what actions or movements she does, she always is beautiful. She distributed a kind of beautiful quality. 
In the first stanza, her beauty is compared with cloudless and starry right. Usually, we all think that night is a representative of evil. However, here doesn¡¦t have this meaning. It should describe she has some kind of serene beauty such as the night. In the three line, ¡§ all that is best of dark and bright¡¨ means that she combines the dark of the night and the bright of the stars. In the sixth line, ¡§gandy¡¨ means vulgar and ugly. It shows that although she is shining and bright, her bright beauty isn¡¦t vulgar and ugly. She is like the tender light of starry night. She is so gently but doesn¡¦t lose her special radiance. Therefore, let us feel that she is perfect. 
The second stanza also describes her beauty about her appearance. Besides, in the ninth line, it shows her unique quality again. ¡§Tress¡¨ means hair. It described that her hair is dark and bright, so this emphasized and combines her quality of dark and bright again. In the last two lines, it expresses not only her appearance is so beautiful, but also the inside of her heart is so innocent and pure. No doubt, she is actually beautiful in appearance no matter her body or her movements. However, most important of all, she owned the inner beauty. 
¡§Ozymandias¡¨- This poem talks about a statue in the desert. From the two to three lines, we can find that the legs of this statue has disappeared, because the erosion of wind and sand for years. In the fourth line, ¡§visage¡¨ should mean the face. ¡§the shattered visage¡¨ means that its face has broken up. In the ten line, this is an irony. It said my name is Ozymandias, king of kings. This shows that he was powerful, at the same time, he also thought everyone should be scared and looked at him in a respect mood. However, as a matter of fact, there is not anything in the desert, and his intentions came to nothing. Furthermore, What does this poem suggest ¡§art¡¨ or how does this poem associate with art? I think that maybe it wants to show that power, throne and kingdom, etc. are actually easy to die away in an instant. However, the meaning of art is priceless and immoral, so it only can survive forever. Therefore, I consider that this poem maybe wants to express this meaning which associates with art. In addition, we can know the speaker didn¡¦t go to the desert and really see the statue in person. He imagined this picture from the words of the traveler.