My Last Duchess

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My Last Duchess- This poem showed that how a Duke¡¦s talked about his last duchess to the envoy of the Count. This poem is like a description of a story. Last Duchess¡¦ painting on the wall is a beginning and origin. This painting is main lead that the Duke described his wife to the envoy. Then the story is traced back the time that a painter drew this picture for his wife. We can know that he loved her but at the same time, he also complained 
His wife from twelve to thirty-five lines. His wife liked what she looked on and every thing around her. However, the Duke couldn¡¦t endure this kind of behavior and thoughts, so in the forty-seven line, ¡§There she stands, as if alive.¡¨, here uses ¡§as if¡¨. This showed the Duchess had died and the Duck killed her. He thought that he showed the Duke¡¦s power to his wife. He didn¡¦t allow anything or anyone ¡§share¡¨ his wife with him. He expressed the strong desire of the monopoly. There is a point worth noticing. Why did he talk about his last Duchess to the envoy of the Count so much? I think that maybe he wanted to warn, at the same time, he also showed and bragged his property and power. This should display his strength to the Count. As a matter of fact, from the poem, we can know that the Duke often used high-sounding words. Why does he do that? I think this Duke was actually a noble who existed only in name. Therefore, he wanted to use gorgeous words to pile up his false power in order to cover up his actual power.