Wonderful Morning

Poster¡G Eric Tseng at 18:30:12 3/16/98 from c445-52.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
Journal 3 
Name: Eric Tseng 
No: 486200511 
" A Description of the Morning" 
This poem describes a morning of 18th century. It's also a morning belongs to the lower class and average class. From line 3 to line 18, they give us a clear and lifelike description. Some people get up early to prepare for their work. Some people get up early to make money. There are still some people who get up early for their studies. I don't know why the writer wants to use the lower as a background to picture the morning. Maybe he wishes to reflect some social problems or the huge difference between the upper class and the lower class. Maybe he wishes to tell the public about the poor situation of the lower class and acquire their attention and help by the poem. In spite of these, I think the poem is not so negative and gray. On the contrary, it can be more positive and joyful. The whole year's plan lies in spring; the whole day's plan lies in the morning. In the poem, everyone gets up early for his own work. It's very good, for they know how to make the most of the time. 

If we look around ourselves, we also can find there are a group of people that live the same life just like the people in the poem do. They are the street cleaners. Every morning, when most of the people are still sleeping, they have got up and start to clean the streets for us. They need to finish their job before the sun shines in the sky. They need to give people the clean and tidy streets whether in rainy days or sunny days. Although the job they do is not high and so important from our normal point of view; however, it is necessary and has a strong relationship with our daily life. They always do this for us silently but we always ignore them, too. Furthermore, we look down on them. This is really not a right attitude. Thinking of this: if a machine lacks of nails, can it work? I think it is a special point we should notice when we read the poem. 

As I grow up with time, my impression toward morning becomes lighter and lighter. I think it is also true for most of the people, especially those who live in the cities. I still remember when I was a junior high school student, I often got up at 5:30 AM, for my class had a regular time for us to go to school then. In order not to be late, I needed to leave my bed at this time. It was really a painful thing for me to do especially in winter days. But every time when I walked down the stairs and opened the door, my mood changed. Riding the bicycle on the streets, it was so quiet and the air was so fresh. It seemed to me that all streets belonged to me alone! Besides, morning is also a suitable time for me to think. I often use this short time to think of my studies, life, school or friends. I really enjoyed it and always hoped to keep the moment forever. But when I was a senior school student or a college student now, the feeling disappear suddenly. Because I don't have to go school so early any more and the night activities become more and more attractive and interesting. Now, it is very impossible for me to get up before seven o'clock in the morning. As a result, my enjoyment of morning time is less and less. However, I still hope that I can recall the memory often. 

When I was in Taipei, I also experienced the city's morning for a few times. The scenery was very different fm the day's. It was so beautiful, wonderful, peaceful and poetic. It is like the flowers that are in bud. She is so pure and so magic. You can walk on the middle of the streets or sit on the sidewalks to enjoy the silence. You can breathe the only fresh air of Taipei City then. Do you want to experience it? Get up early next time!