My Last Duchess

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The Duke of Ferrara is speaking to the Count's envoy about his late Duchess and in the account reveals his 
attitude toward his late wife and also something of his own character. 
Having drawn aside the curtam that covers the portrait of "my last Duchess,".Treasuring the ideal.The last duchess is a girl who has a mind of her own. 
She doesn't let men dictate what she should or shoudn't do. She has her convictions and she does not let anyone stand in her way. The Duke begins to explain to the envoy "How such 
a glance came there." His complaint is that she seemed came there." His complaint is that she seemed to rate everybody's gifts and attentions, no matter how trivial. There are few occasions 
the Dute can remember that have made him mad. Even on those occasions, he can easily forget his anger. 
There is only one thing that can really make him angry and that is seeing obsession, what makes him angry. When duchess who'd stoop to blame. 
Real occupation, meanwhile, can make him so regarded, "with my gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name."So,not stopping to explain his resentment to her, he "gave commands,then all smiles stopped 
together".Occupation are a excuse. Mose of all,Duke think the ideal duchess must be someone that he can be pround of. 
Love is an emotion that can never be fully expressed. If the poem were set in the late twentieth century. Man has tried to express it in words,music,painting and poetry. It is still not enough. 
There are still a lot of inequalities between men and women in love. A female graduate student, who was murdered on the campus has confirmed that the victim's assailant was her classmate and closest 
Although there are more and more love with the "occuption" characteristics, the listener described above the same attitude to his wife.Overall,the image the last duchess have of themselves and 
that of society's in general would be some stooping under command. Looks may be deceiving. 
Duke's suave courtesy is not an impossible thing to do. Being courteous takes very little but goes very far.The most satisfying thing Duke's ever did was gave command attitude to his duchess. 
"The count your master's known munificence" make listener suave and courtesy.But it is very doubtful whether the duchess are stooping thanall smiles stopped together. 
Duke's still concern with money very clearly. Money is a divine thing. To possess it is one thing."of mine for dowry will be disallowed, satisfaction and delight. He interest in art is a reflection 
of how and what society was,Moreover,"Taming a sea-horse. thought a rarity,which claus of Innsbruck cast in bronze for me!"It is also for Duke's appreciate, can also be a medium for society to express Duke's 
themself to the listener.