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The"colossal wreck" of the statue of the ancient Egyptian ruler,Ozymandias(Ramses II), 
tells us that only these "lifeless things"survive from that time. This wreck is all that 
remain of a once cruel and powerful tryant. Form & Dramatic Irony.History and art on an 
ancient ruin.The surrounding emptiness opposed to present with the past. To record the 
words on the pedestal. An ancient haughty manner to shout, now become calm and inwardly. 
The fragments of a sculpture surrounding emptiness,flat and wide open. 
Time has changed as opposed to behind him. To sneer at the condition; show up grand 
occasion hard to keep up with. Turn of fortune, how awful an ancient ruin, from flourishing age 
opposed to the present with the past in a great difference.There are narrow-minded or short sighted. 
You lose out on time. There are approaches to winning a future. However, if your aim is merely to be 
better, then your sights are set only at being higher. A much more effective approach is compete with 
yourself.People who reach greatness have inner drive to reach perfection. 
Ozymandias and (RamesesII) there are winners of Egypt in the thirteenth century B.C and losers in time 
Winners are achievers and losers are actuality. Rameses II are people who find life a challenge, while 
not to learn from failure easily give up on life.They do not know the value of time.Successful people 
can be as stubborn as a mule but can also flex and bend whenever the situation calls for it.They are very 
determined but are never narrow-minded or short-sighted. 
Successful people work hard.They rarely procrastinate. In summary,it takes a strong will to be successful 
There are Ozymandias and Rameses II among us What makes people great and a cut from all therest? 
And what do Ozymandias have in common? 
A great man as well as Rameses II should have a lot of self-confidence.He should be a man of great 
ability.He should also be a man of vision.We all has a great cause to fight for. Ozymandias and Rameses II 
is someone who can rise to the occasion.Ozymandias never shies away from responsibilities and challenges. 
Rameses II is always the man of the hour. 
Pain,suffering and failures are a frame of reference to know what true happiness is only when /ozymandias 
have gone though these difficult experiences, will you know what true time is, knowing true contrast life 
can only come with maturity. 
No great work can be performed and no high position can be attained without toil and effort.We envy Rameses II 
and imagine that their fame was due to some stroke of luck. But when we know their histories, we find that it is 
long years of patient toil and constant effort that have brought about their success.