Dramatic Monologue

Poster¡G Lai Mei Si at 17:7:40 3/17/98 from c550-6.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
My Last Duchess 

I would like to talk about the poem My Last Duchess. In this poem, I could see that on one hand, the duke was domineering because he was not pleased and satisfied whenever his wife was with the other men in lower rank. He thought that he was the only man who could possess and get along with. On the other hand, in line 45, it says I Gave Commands, which showed his powerful. Actually, the duchess was easily pleased by a compliment and she loved everything. One thing which made the duke disliked most was her frequent contact with the men who was in lower rank and he believed that she should feel honor for the high social position that he had given her. Although he did not like this kind of relation happened on her wife but he preferred not to stoop for he believed that by doing so, it would lower his rank, therefore, he tried to give commands. 

Since his first wife had died, he was going to remarry and before doing that, he had made to his second wife clear that she should behave herself and never path the same road as his first wife had done. She should mind her conduct well. This, the duke did not say it apparently to her but through the lines that I had read, it seemed that we were the silent listener and as if the duke was taking to the reader. Actually, the duke did not really respect her as a duchess and does not treat her like one because he had shown his power and domineering over her by commanding her.