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In the first stanza, it is a static scene. The vase is a beautiful vase, just like the golden net that is made to attract preys. The cat is described demure and careful, but actually she is not. She is just waiting for the right time to go. In the second stanza, the cat is described as a lady. The word "velvet" is used to express the softness of the cat's paws; the two stones, jet and emerald, are used to describe how gorgeous she is. Then the first sound in this poem is out by her purr. 

The angel forms are the goldfishes gliding, which shows their unawareness of the cat and their leisure in the water. Their appearance is very mysterious because it is purple with a golden gleam shining. The description of the luster of the scales is more like a diamond. The word "betray" here is referred to the word "reveal" but its normal explanation is to be not loyal to somebody. Here we can also say it is always the beautiful thing that makes someone betray himself or others due to his greed. I think the shining scales are crime-seducer. 

The cat is very careful because she is moving step by step. She wants the fish just as women want gold. The last two questions in the fourth stanza reveal the author use the cat to represent women. But I don't think women are the only that have desire to get gold. Men also have that desire and the dirty heart, however, it was not allowed to write about them. 

(Malignant Fate sat by and smiled) warns us not to be greedy to get what is distant to us, or we will get bad luck. The cat is cheated by the slippery verge of the vase, and then falls down in the water due to negligence. She is crying for help, but no one comes. "A favorite has no friend!" tells us that maybe someone who looks rich and beautiful has fewer friends than we do. Although he seems to have a lot, they won't help him when he is in troubles. 

The last stanza tells us we must have heedful heart and ability of distinguishing what is right and what is wrong when something suddenly happens to us. We must be bold with caution when coping with something. Now the society is filled with lure that we should keep careful and that we can't lose ourselves, or we will be like the cat falling into the water and never gets out of it.