A Good Example of Humor Using

Poster¡G Lily Liu at 9:33:21 3/18/98 from t200-101.dialup.seed.net.tw
When the first time I saw the topic "A Description of the Morning," I thought of a picture with warm sunshine, singing birds, and green grasses with dewdrop. However, after finishing it, I knew I made a big mistake, for the "morning" in this poem was extremely different from my general image. There weren*t lovely sunshine and singing birds but dirt, horrible screams and noisy sounds given by the people in the poem. The writer described "morning" from a very special point of view and I even thought he in appearance seemed to describe "morning", but in fact, he wanted to tell us more about people in upper class by describing lots of their actions, activities, and behaviors in the morning. 
Although the poem showed a kind of realistic situation of the town in eighteen century, it wouldn*t make us feel too heavy and too serious, for the writer put lots of humor in the poem. For example he used "flown" to describe the girl*s action of leaving her master*s room, and though it showed us how fearful she was to let herself be seen by the hostess, but because of the word "flown", we could imagine how funny her action and facial expressions would be. Therefore, a sorrowful scene suddenly turned to an interesting one by using the word "flown." Another similar example is the word "trace" used to describe the youth*s action of sweeping along the kennel-edge. The boring job and action became a little different by the word "trace". There was still other example of using words to provide humor: the word "flock" used to describe those guilty people who were watched by the turnkey made me think of a picture of a farmer and lots of his sheep. "Flock" let me think of "animals", and it*s really ironic to describe human beings in the word "flock", but it was a little funny, too. Though here, the speaker was describe the dark side of jail, we still could find humor in it. 
The whole poem was just like a play performed by different people. Each performer showed up in order. The word "now" fully presented the feeling of order: "Now Betty from her master*s bed*", "Now Moll had whirled*", and "Now hardly here and there*". After seeing the play names "A Description of the Morning", I could hardly feel any hope and vitality which morning usually provides us but more sadness. The last sentence showed those school boys "lag" on their way to school, not very will to do, and showed no spirit at all, like old men. If the writer didn*t put any humor in the poem, it would definitely make us feel very sad and heavy. Therefore, from her we could see the importance of humor. Although, even there was lots of humor in the poem, and we still feel sad and heavy when we read it, it is exactly what humor should do--- to make a poem more interesting and moving without destroying the original meaning and feeling which the speaker wanted to tell and show us through the poem. I really love this "play" which provides me another point of view to think of morning and lots of humor to enjoy.