Leave Crazy Love Alone

Poster¡G Lily Liu at 9:39:35 3/18/98 from t200-101.dialup.seed.net.tw
Generally speaking, the word "love" usually gives us such a sweet, fair and warm feeling that every time we think of it, there will always be smiles showing up from our faces, and for that reason, we all hope to have love and be loved. However, everything has to keep balanced. Once "love" becomes too much, it won*t be fair anymore but turning to something dangerous and horrible that we could never imagine. The two poems "Parphyria*s Lover" and "My Last Duchess" are the best examples to show us this kind of "crazy love." 
In "Parphyria*s Lover," the man loved the woman too much and wanted to own her forever so he killed her at last. What*s crazy here is not only his behavior of killing, but also other things such as his motive of killing and his feeling about what he did. The motive of his killing was that he thought his lover wanted to be with him forever but could not make it by herself, therefore, he killed her to help her realize her dream, and for that reason, he also thought his behavior of killing was such an innocent and great thing that even God allowed him to do so. Isn*t it crazy? 
The same situation happened in "My Last Duchess." The duke also killed his lover because he loved her too much. He wanted to get full love from his lover but couldn*t. Therefore, he felt more and more angry with her and finally killed her. In his thought, his killing was not guilty at all because his lover deserved this punishment. He thought that as a great and powerful duke like him, it was surely his right to do so. Here, "love" became more horrible and crueler, for he cared nothing about her live but only whether she could be owned by him forever or not. Both of his two lovers were only objects in his sight actually: one has already become a "painting" hanging on the wall; the other would become another work of art someday very possibly. 
What kind of "love" is it in the two poems? I do not think and could not call it "love." There is such a saying on Bible--- that we shouldn*t love anyone more than God. I was always confused with the meaning of it, but now, I finally understand that it is God*s warning to us of leaving "crazy love" alone. I will keep it on my mind forever.