Dramatic Monologue-After Death

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Victorian Dramatic Monologue-After Death Tracy Lin 
In the first several lines of the poem, we can see the set of the funeral that let us feel ceremonious and we also can understand how the man respect the speaker. Although the speaker was dead, she still wanted to catch what he was thinking. We cannot say that she was really know what he thought because that was only her imagination. She said -- thinking I slept 
,but actually he knew she was dead. In my opinion, I think the speaker took her death as sleep while to the person, she was dead. 
In common sense, when our relative died we often wanted to see her/his last face. As for him, he didn't want to see her face anymore. We can explain that maybe he was afraid of thinking their times or touching their wound. Or maybe he wanted her to stay peace in another space so he even didn't bother her. 
In fact, they were quite understand the relationship between him and her. Why she said that he did not love me living;but once dead? This was the information that she took from him. While she knew that he loved her when she died. He concealed his emotion when she lived but why he wanted to do that? The speaker was the chief reason for him to do so. He revealed 
his feeling after she died because she could not escape and did not have place to go. The same as other poems, he could own the girl totally after her death. From the speaker's tone 
we can feel that she used a calm voice to describe his reaction. You cannot catch the rolling between the lovers. Although he pitied on her, was it true? Or the answer was: she pitied on him? 
From another perspective, he did own the girl at the end. Although he could't have her 
mind, he actually possessed her body. This is also a kind of satisfaction to some people. Isn't it? 
We have learned many kinds of perspectives about death. It depends on different authors. 
Most of values are from the author's living backgrounds. Your perspective about death maybe is a monarch of relief while to me is a kind of escape. Also every thing has different sides and it's no rules to death. It's good for us to have several thoughts towards everything. That is a good way to avoid anyone to think thing in a dead angle.