Farmer's bride and The Last Duchness

Poster¡G Daphane ¸â at 10:29:26 3/11/98 from
n the dramatic monologue, I find it better to comprehend and to appreciate comparing to several poems that we have read last semester. In the process of reading it , I feel like listening to an unknown story which may be related with me or an experience to share with. 
Among the five dramatic monologues, I had deep impression of My Last Duchess and Farmer*s Bride. To reach it further, farmer and Duke both give unrequited love for their wife. They "once" cared about the feeling of their wives so as to capture their eye on them. Farmer was much ruder than the Duke cause of the different ranking. However, they both wanted to show 
their power to the wives. The Duke would not will to stoop to Duchess who he thought to be one of his belongings. Meanwhile, the Farmer fetch his wife alone in the attic after the escape. And they all failed. Farmer and Duke , they choose the violent way to express their dissatisfactory toward their wives and this proved that*s the way men would choose to do. Actually, they weren*t powerful at all. 
The tone in Farmer*s Bride , somehow, was sad and hopeless. The listener in the poem was absent which suggested the loneliness of the speaker. 
His loneliness came originally from his unhappy marriage. Since we know nothing about the cause of his marriage, we still can make a guess about it and try to judge. Though the Farmer pay a lot of attention to his wife, there must be something wrong. He seemed to notice much more about his own harvest then sparing time with his wife. Beside , he anticipated repay from his wife without giving more care and consideration. Then I was wondering how he treated his wife as ? a maid ? a love? Or simply a housekeeper? 
I think you can this poem " Framer*s Bride" a story , which can be spectacle over it. This kind of sad story can happen repeatedly in human*s society. We, have to prevent it from happening in our life o