Poster¡G Tracy Lin at 10:37:27 3/18/98 from c550-17.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

It is a story that holds mysterious elements. From the words of several lines you can feel that you seem to be taken to a far place. While you still want the story keep on and also want to get some true feelings from the old structure. It is my opinion that those places have a strange to me and make me even really want to go to the place where the story mentions. 
Why a shattered visage gives people so deeply feelings? Maybe from the angle of the place or from the imagination of the traveler or the structure that really set this kind of transmission to the traveler? Anyway, you may guess that the antique monarch truly owned dignities when he was live from the expressions that he gave the sculptor. 
There are many contrasts in the poem. Each presents dreary atmosphere about the monarch. How large his sculptor was-vast and trunkless legs. While they standed in the desert -- nobody besides him. He was alone with his gone titular. You will never know how large kingdom he possessed. How many slavers he owned or even how many people he governed? 
You may in the high class when you live while what still remain when you died? We can get the answer from the poem clearly. Even a monarch could not decline hands of the death gods. He at last still had to leave the world. What you can see is nothing but a gravestone or a sculptor or even nothing. Who will not have any complaints though you are a common person? To a monarch, he owned all almost everything on the earth. When he met the dead time, can he have less grudge than the common people? It is not hard to understand why he was filled with despair at the last several lines. 
The more you get, the more you want. How to make yourself content and satisfy about what you have now? Everyone can not escape from death while you can enjoy yourself when you are live. It is important to make your dream come true when you have ability. A lot of people are afraid of death or even want to live forever because they have not finished their dreams or they have too much desire. You can not take anything away when you die but you own all sweet memory if you are satisfied with what you did in your live time.