Barbara Allan

Poster¡G Linda Chu at 18:4:18 4/28/98 from
Would Sir John ever have the chance to know Barbara Allan's passionate love for him? Probably not, because it never showed up when he still had a breath. 
The timing is about Martinmas, when all the green leaves 
started to fall--here, I guess might be an image which 
implies two meanings: one is Sir John's falling in love with 
Barbara Allan but the other suggests that this lovefor her 
might not have any result, it's dying-just like the falling 
green leaves. Since Sir John was sick for her, but, surprising enough is her reactin:"slowly slowly rase she up 
to the place where he was lying" and only a cold remark:" 
young man i think you're dying"--how could she treat a person in love with her this way? there's a reason behind it: 
sir John ever slighted Barbara(for not drink a toast to her) 
it must have hurt her pride at that time, but why would she keep this trifle in mind so long? in explanation of her conduct, she must have noticed him for a long time, that is, 
she had been in love with him earlier than he did. 
Finally, she rase up slowly, sighing she couldn't stay any longer, because he's dead. Throughout the meeting, she just 
behaved extremely calm and cruel, however, when she 
heard the bell striking, her emotions she had hid all exploded. she cried:" since my love died for me today, i'll 
die for him tomorrow"--she does love that man, but she 
wouldn't tell. Barbara Allan is really a character with strong personality and stubborn mind. She would rather bear the 
heartache of losing her love than to confess, just to keep her pride. But it's better that she behaved this way. If she 
jsut sprung to Sir Joyhn's bed and cried over him bitterly, I 
think the atmosphere would be very different. And she 
definitely suffered much more under such a plight, because she kept all her pain inside and didn't let it out. If she cry her tears she'd feel better. The specific reaction of Barbara 
just presents the spaeciality of her love and, her personality.