Cultural Preservation
I believe last Wednesday is a very special day for 
 everyone is a very special day. In our World Culture 
 course, we are honor to invite three members of 
 Taiwan indigenous preservation institution. All 
 of them came from a-mei tribe. They not only introduce 
 to us the major indigenous tribes in Taiwan, but 
 also taught us many indidenous songs and greetings. 

 It is easy for us Han people to neglect the voice 
 from margin because indigenous people are minor 
 group in Taiwan. In my opinion, I tend to consider 
 indigenous people are not well-educated or poor. 
 However, after meeting with these three active 
 indigenous people, they really broadened my eyes 
 and corrected my wrong thoughts toward them. 

 Actually, jsut as other cultures, our indigenous 
 people also develop thier own outstanding cultures. 
 For example, indigenous people are good at making 
 handicrafts, singing, or dancing. We usually tend 
 to think learing indigenous songs is not so difficult 
 because mostly they repeat the same sounds and melodies 
 again and again. However, after we tried, I just 
 realized it is not as easy as I thought before. It 
 needs training. As they singing or dancing in front 
 of us, I was shocked by thier beautifyl and powerful 
 voicce. Meanwhile, I seem may touch and feel thier 
 spirit from performance. To tell the truth, I was so 

 After this course, I am very happy to know that our 
 government do make efforts for our indigenous people 
 rather than ignoring them. It is very nice that 
 this indigenous preservaation institution first may 
 have thier own identies, then introduce themselves 
 to everyone around Taiwan or over the world by 
 constant performances or visiting. I believe it is 
 very useful to arouse public attention and make 
 others know thier existences.