Cultural Preservation
"Voices from the Margin," what a sympathetic expression it sounds! 
 Who could be in the margin? Really, I don't pay much attention to the 
 problems of the indigenous people in Taiwan. After reading the article 
 from Free China Review, I start to notice what the bad condition the 
 indigenous people are facing is. 
 In the article, six indigenous persons are interviewed; some are 
 males, and some, females, and almost of them are working for the rights 
 of their tribes. According to their words, there are lots of unfair or 
 inconvenient requirements or attitude from the government and society. 
 For example, negative impression, name, political position, facial 
 tattoos, mother tongues, and so on. Although many people say they want 
 to protect the indigenous culture, like Han scholars and cultural workers 
 or the government, they actually do nothing useful! So, these indigenous 
 persons think the main solution is to waken up the indigenous people to 
 notice their rights! 
 Many people have the negative impression on the indigenous people, 
 like drinking or prostitution. However, drinking is their tradition, and 
 because of lower education, some girls are forced to do prostitution. 
 So, we should treat them with equal attitude. Moreover, I think art 
 should not be mixed with profits or fame. That's too sad many people 
 steal the ideas or songs of the indigenous people. For example, in the 
 Olympic in 1996, they steel one song by a couple of indigenous people as 
 their subject song. Luckily, someone found the truth and pointed out who 
 is the original singer. Furthermore, about their mother tongues, I think 
 the condition is improved a little. Because I know some elementary 
 schools in the eastern in Taiwan have the two languages teaching, mother 
 tongue and Mandarin, it must help a lot to keep the culture!