Cultural Preservation
In the issue of cultural preservation, our group mentioned the points that Paoan 
 Temple has made and we introduced you the old street of Da-shi. Therefore, here are some 
 questions  for all of you to think. 1. What are the problems Paoan Temple may encounter? Our 
 answer  is that recently, they have financial problems. How can they deal with money and 
 where can they get the source of money. Secondly, how to preserve in a proper way is also an 
 essential point. The third one is about the Cultural Heritage Preservation Law. The 
government should put the preservation problem in the first place instead of money. 
 Then comes the point of relic. How can they save the relic in an appropriate way. The 
 future problem is that how to make people more concern about this historical site and who 
 should  be responsible for the maintainance. In our opinion, we think that official and private 
 institution shold cooperate. The official institution can support the restoration by giving 
subsidies since the Temple is a Grade Two historical Site. And the private institution 
 can take charge of the restoration project becuase, after all, they have much emotion on 
 the Temple. The second question is that how the issue is related to us. 1)History: some 
 people think that to preserve a historical site is important. 2)Public: it's a public property that 
 it  should actually belong to everyone. 3)Religion: people put their faith and respect God. 
 So, they stress on the preservation. 4)Society: the temple can be a connection among 
 people. Thus, it's important for social connection. 5) Psychology: people seak for comforthere and 
 the temple is part of their spiritual life. Therefore, they care about the restoration a lot. 
 In my own opinion, the cultural preservation is indeed very hard. We may not notice this problem 
 becuase we are not awared that in fact, we are involved in it. I think for a long long 
 time, Taiwan has lost its original culture because Taiwan had ever been invaded by many 
 other foreign countries. Therefore, sometimes I think its hard to really find out the root of 
 Taiwan. That's why cultural preservation is indispensible because we should try our best to find 
 out something cherishable and beautiful in our culture. Thus, we introduce you the old 
 street of Da-shi. We hope you like it and may visit the place someday. Go by train to Zhong-li 
 and  then take a specific bus. You'll find there easily! One thing I want to mention that is if 
 you want to really have fun there, be brave to ask residents questions. Otherwise, you will 
 feel boring because without deep understanding of the old street, it will be just as walking 
 on the streets near your house. And it won't make any sense to you. By the way, remember 
 to visit herbal store which is opened by Jian Yo-Shin's aunt. She is a cute old lady and she 
 has a nice skin. Girls who want to know the tips to look beautiful and consult her.