Cultural Preservation
I think aboriginal people have the right to practive
 their traditions, habits, belief, and also to preserve
 their culture. They are just normal people like everyone,
 only with different customs. Last time, when we meet
 these people from A-mei tribe, I realized many things.
 They are friendly, full of energy, very nice people. They
 have interesting things to tell us, and we could learn
 a lot from their culture. They should be respect as
 We should also learn from their spirits of sharing
 with others. They effort to preserve what identify
 them, and also their culture, language and so on.
 The majority of the people stereotyped aboriginal
 people as low-educated, brave, drunk, etc. But, after
 meeting them and getting to know more about their life.
 We will get a totally different concept of them, they
 are people who show what they know, they have talents,
 and are very active.
 We should start by opening ourselves to them, and learning
 from their culture.