Economic Development& Environmental Concern

Concern for the environment is not new in the 1990s. If we trace back to 1901, the
 American president, Theodore Roosevelt in his years as a president, he followed a
 policy of conversation of natural resources. Though the environment concern has
 started very early, our environmental problems seem far from resolved. For example,
 the destroy of the rain forests making the danger of wildlife, the problem of global
 warming and the pollution of water and air.
 Industry in Taiwan has highly developed in recent years, but it also brings a lot of
 pollution problems. At first these problems were neglected but now they have been
 paid a lot of attention to. For example, just several weeks ago, our premier in a
 conference claims that we will not build new nuclear power plants in the coming five
 years, I think it is good to make the decision like that, and it also shows that as being
 a member in the international community, Taiwan is doing the best to protect the
 environment. In my opinion, I think one thing we must realize that if we pollute our
 environment, it is we ourselves that are hurt most. Thus, I strongly agree that it is
 necessary for us to do our best to protect our environment.