Economic Development& Environmental Concern

In the issue of Economic Development & Environmental Concern. We talked about
 Ilan county and organic food. We*ve introduced Ilan*s historical background, harsh
 weather conditions, isolated location, residents* tough characters formed by the
 weather conditions and location, how their characters influence their cultural and
 economic development, ways of living, problems they encountered from the economic
 development, and how Ilan people struck a balance between cultural preservation and
 economic development. Then, we introduced the reason why organic food is
 necessary to be promoted, the advantages of organic food, how to eat and cook
 organic food, and some problems of promoting organic food.
 There are four major problems that Ilan is facing. The first one is the Formosa Plastics
 Group*s plan of building a major petrochemical processing facility in an industrial
 zone outside the coastal town of Litzechien, including the island*s sixth naphtha
 cracker. And Ilan*s government and residents were afraid that it will destroy their
 natural environment. The second one is that the annual northeast monsoons which
 carry bulk of Taiwan*s rainfall created serious floods in Ilan and developed their
 tough characters which helped Ilan survive floods, but stave off big business. Thus, it
 has not stopped the steady loss of its population. Thus, the county magistrate then,
 Chen Ting-nan used his aggressive leadership to help stop the Formosa Plastics
 facility and oversaw the building of the floodgates and initiated construction of
 Chingshui Park to stop the serious floods in Ilan and made the park become one of
 the most famous tourism spot in Taiwan and created job opportunities to stop the loss
 of its population.
 The third one is that the country*s poverty and relative underdevelopment used to
 cause some feelings of inferiority. Thus, the current county magistrate, Yu Shyi-kun
 was now devoted himself to the cultural preservation in Ilan. For example, he added
 the school curriculum classed on Ilan*s history and geography and on the Taiwanese
 language. He also plans to build a museum and library of Ilan history and to write a
 book on the history of the government in Ilan . Besides, he set up the Lanyang
 Association. The last one is about the construction of the highway and Ilan*s resident
 now come into a feeling of ambivalence. So now, we would like to ask you some
 questions: 1. Have you been to Chingshui Park? How do you feel about it? Please
 share your experience and feelings with us. 2. If you were Ilan*s resident, will you
 agree with the construction of the high way? Why?
 As for the organic food. There are three majors problems for promoting organic food.
 One is the short-supply of organic food. It needs longer time to grown organic food.
 Another is the higher price of organic food, since demands always outstrips supply.
 The last one is the bland taste of organic food. It tastes unpleasant. After our
 introduction, we also have some questions for all of you: 1. Have ever heard or eaten
 organic food? What did you think of it? Please share your opinions with us. 2. If
 you*ve never eaten organic food, would you like to try it after our introduction? 3.
 Will you try to make an energy soup after our introduction?