Thomas Nash
 A  I think                           all young women should do military service.
      In my opinion               everyone should go to high school.
      I feel                            children should have more time to play.
      Personally, I think
      If you ask me

 B  I agree (with you).
      I think so, too.
      I think you're right.         AGREEING
      I agree entirely.

      I don't agree.
      I disagree, I'm afraid.
      I'm not sure I agree with you.         DISAGREEING
      I don't think that 's right
      I don't think so.

      I see your point, but . . . .
      I don't entirely agree.
     Yes, maybe (perhaps), but.......       PARTLY AGREEING (and partly disagreeing)
     Do you think so?
     You may be right.  However, .....

     ASKING about opinions
What do you think of/about             the Miss China pageant?
     How do you feel about                   the programs on TV?
    What's your opinion of/on               Michael Jackson?

Note: opinion of--used with existing things which are not "issues," such as the programs on TV, Michael Jackson, your
teacher, a friend or classmate.
opinion on--used to ask about controversial issues, such as the Miss China pageant, nuclear power plants, compulsory military service for women, and unified high school entrance exams.  The same distinction may apply to think of and think about, though think about may be used in both ways.
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