Hope and Wish
Thomas Nash
  (from Basic English Usage, ( 1984 ), Michael Swan, 122 and 367; Practical English Usage,
  (1980 ), Michael Swan, 632.2; both by Oxford University Press)

If I hope for something, I want it to happen, but I am not sure that it will, and I can do nothing about it.

I hope she writes to me soon.
I hope they find the lost child soon.
I hope we don't have a war.

Wishing  (usually,) is wanting something that is impossible, or that doesn't seem
                probable---being sorry that things are not different.

I wish I could fly.
I wish I had more money.
I. wish she would stop singing.

I hope it stops raining soon.  (=It may or may not stop; I would like it to stop).
I wish it would stop raining.  (= It doesn't look as if it's going to stop; I feel sorry about that.)
I hope you have a good vacation.       (= I want it to happen, but it is not under my control.)

HOPE structures
hope for + object        I'm  hoping for a letter from Eric.
hope      + infinitive      I hope to still be here next year.
hope      + that-clause  I hope that they get here soon.
hope so                       Will the.boys give us flowers on Women' s Day?      I hope so.

WISH structures
subject + wish + clause: subject + past tense
         I wish I was better-looking.  (were, if formal)
         I wish I spoke Cantonese.
         I wish something interesting would happen.
subject + wish +.clause: subject + past perfect
         I wish I had gone on the camping trip.
         I wish I hadn't said that. // I wish I'd known earlier.

         I can get a good seat for the concert.
         everybody would get here on time.
She           to become a fashion model.
I          that you won't forget my birthday.
I 'll bet he         he hadn't forgotten her birthday.
We         we didn't have so much homework.
We         we won't have too much homework next semester.
He's          to study botany in graduate school.
          this class would end.
We           this class will never end.   We     this class would never end.