Thomas Nash
What is the best age to get married? Is it the same for men and women? Why? Is the age difference between husband and wife important?
What are the qualities to look for in a spouse?

Should married women work?  Should mothers work?  Is it all right for a wife to make more than her husband does?  Should husbands do housework? How much?  Is housework really "work"?  Whose job is more important--the husband's or the wife's? (Imagine that one of you had to give up your job for some reason. Who should it be?)

How many children do you think it would be good to have? Whose responsibility is it to look after children? What language(s) would you want your children to learn first?

Is it all right not to get married?

How many languages do you speak?
When do you speak each language? (home, school, work, religion, with friends)
With whom do you speak each language? (parents, siblings, cousins, classmates, teachers,friends, strangers)

What language do you use to think; to count; to dream?

What language do you use to swear; to quarrel? (Does it vary according to who you are quarreling with?)

Can you speak equally fluently on all topics in both (or all) the languages you speak? (e.g. politics, art, literature, sports, your studies, gossip, economics , work, hobbies , personal problems)

What language feels more intimate to you when you speak it?

What language do you feel is more efficient when you use it?

Do you listen to/watch programs in Taiwanese on the radio and TV?
Are there enough of these programs?  Too many?    Are they of good quality?

Is the native language of your spouse and his/her family a factor to consider in marriage?

Should Taiwanese be used in schools in any way?

Do boys use more Taiwanese than girls do?