½Ò°ó°Q½×                                                                                                                         Thomas Nash

ClASSROOM LANGUAGE      Language to help you talk about language, get help, and interact in the classroom.

Sorry,  I don't understand.
Sorry, I don't follow you.
I'm lost.
I didn't get that.
Could you repeat that?
Could you say that again?
Would you mind repeating that?
Could you speak more slowly?
Could you speak a little louder?

Could you explain that?
What do you mean?
What does           mean?
How do you say        in English?    ( NOT " How to say         ?" )
How do you pronounce this word?
How do you spell          ?    (NOT " How to spell?")
How do you spell it?
Excuse me.......
May I interrupt for a moment?
Sorry, but.....
Excuse me for interrupting, but . . . .
May I add something?
May I ask a question?
I have a question.
I'd like to say something here.
I'd like to comment on that.

Are you following me?          Do you know what        means?
Are you with me?                     ( NOT  " Do you know      ?")
Is that clear?
Okay so far?
Do you understand?
Got it?
Any questions?