Sci-tech Development in Taiwan

Leading Questions:
 1. To guarantee the R.O.C. Constitution, which requires the government to provide
 15% of the national budget to promote education, science, and culture.
 If we eliminate this constitutional provision, what difference would it make?
 2. Many people like to choose to work abroad because people here think the life
 standard is not as attractive as foreign countries.
 Do you think it's true?
 3. Can we change our education system in a short time?
 Do you have any suggestions?
 4. What do you think about the educational systems of Taiwan?
 5. Excluding the opinions mentioned in the sci-tech developmetn article, what are the
 qualifications that a good manager is supposed to have?
 6. As we know, most of the high-tech talent from Taiwan chose to work in the US.
 How can we keep the high-tech talent in Taiwan?